How stealth works in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Stick to the shadows.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Stealth is a critical mechanic for you to master in Ghostwire: Tokyo. With it, you’ll get the drop on multiple enemies well before they know you’re there, allowing you to take one or two of them out before an entire group is aware of your presence. Therefore, your timing needs to be on point, and understanding the finer details of these mechanics is important. This guide will cover how stealth works in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Whenever you want to be stealthy, you want to make sure Akito is couched down and moving slowly. You’ll know when he’s crouched down because his perspective will be lower to the ground, and there will be a small kneeling icon at the center of your screen.

Next, the street lights and environment of the city indicate your stealth levels when sneaking around Visitors. If the street lights are white, you’re in the clear. When the street lights are yellow, a Visitor thinks you’re there, and you need to make sure you don’t make eye contact with them. You’ll also see a small yellow audio icon on your screen in the direction of the visitor, indicating their distance from you and how close they are to discovering your location. When the lights are red, you’re out of stealth, and you’re in combat.

You want to toe the line between the yellow lights and sneaking up on any Visitor you’re attempting to perform a sneak attack on. It’s okay to make quick eye contact with a Visitor, but make sure they don’t get too close. Even if you get into combat, if you lose line of sight on the Visitors, you can crouch down and reenter stealth.