How Teamwork Survivor perks work in Dead by Daylight

Work together to survive together.


Screenshot via Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel

Perks are the primary way for Survivors to stay alive in Dead by Daylight. Following the release of the Tools of Torment update, they have a unique type called Teamwork perks. A Teamwork perk requires a bit more cooperation from everyone on a Survivor team, and to get the most out of them, you’ll want to work with your fellow Survivors to gain a distinct advantage against the Killer using them. Here’s what you need to know about how Teamwork Survivor perks work in Dead by Daylight.

What are the Teamwork perks in Dead by Daylight?

Teamwork perks require two Survivors to work together for their effects to function completely. For example, two Teamwork perks appear for the Tools of Torment update: Collective Stealth and Power of Two. With the Power of Two perk, after a player finishes healing another Survivor, they move 5% faster, so long as they stay within 12 meters of each other or lose a Health State. If the two players leave this radius, the increased speed disappears, and the perk deactivates.

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The same goes for the second perk, Collective Stealth. This perk allows it so that when another Survivor finishes healing you, the two of you do not leave scratch marks so long as they remain within 12 meters of each other or until one of you loses a Health State. These perks can continue working together so long as players stay within the restricted distance, and the Teamwork perks can feed off each other. If two players have these different perks on their characters, they can function together, making it extremely difficult for a Killer to track them down.

However, it’s important to note that two of the same perks cannot overlap. For example, two players with both Collective Stealth cannot gain benefits from two separate perks, and the same goes for Power of Two. You’ll want to communicate with your team how to best use these perks before starting a match against a dangerous Killer.