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How the Bld (build) stat works in Fire Emblem Engage

Make sure to consider the Bld stat for each character in Fire Emblem Engage.

There are stats you need to keep track of in Fire Emblem Engage for each character in your party. One of the more confusing stat numbers has to do with Bld, properly spelled out as build. The Bld stat has not appeared in a handful of Fire Emblem titles, but for series veterans, it plays a critical role in what type of weapons your character should be using during a fight. Here’s what you need to know about how the Bld stat works in Fire Emblem Engage.

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What does the Bld stat mean in Fire Emblem Engage?

The build stat has everything to do with how well your character can carry heavy weapons during battle. Every time a unit attacks another enemy, a character’s speed is considered when attempting to strike against a foe or to defend against an enemy with that weapon.

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If your character’s speed is naturally too slow, it makes it easier for an enemy to strike them, and it might even allow them to hit your character twice. The same can be said about your character; if your character has a high enough build, even the larger weapons may have a chance to strike twice if your overall speed outpaces an opponent.

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The Bld stat also comes down to the type of class you’ve chosen for your characters, with some classes being able to wield larger weapons more often. Barbarian, for example, has a naturally higher build, which means you want to upgrade a character to this class if they already have a decent build and you plan to use heavy weapons with them. Not only do heavier weapons have a lower speed than others, but some might also have a lower speed because of weapon quality, with higher-quality weapons being heavier than others. Because of this, we recommend having multiple weapon types on a character during a battle to switch it out depending on the type of foe they’re fighting against.

In previous Fire Emblem games, the Bld stat was for Constitution. While that’s not entirely true for Fire Emblem Engage, it’s an important stat to consider when selecting a specific weapon for every character during battle.

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