Can you recruit Zephia in Fire Emblem Engage?

The leader of the Four Hounds in Fire Emblem Engage.

Image via Nintendo

Zephia is one of the antagonist characters working against your party in the Fire Emblem Engage story. You will encounter her several times on the battlefield, and she will be a challenging opponent to defeat. However, there have been multiple characters in this story you have faced against and then later recruited. Can you recruit Zephia in Fire Emblem Engage?

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Can you get Zephia to join your party in Fire Emblem Engage?

We can confirm Zephia is not one of the characters you can add to your party. She does not appear as a late-game character who will join your roster. Zephia is one of the Four Hounds, their leader, and is one of the primary antagonist characters working alongside the Fell Dragon Sombron. Unlike Mauvier, who later join your team, Zephia does not. Do not expect to add this character to your team and how you will include her in your line-up.

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There are multiple characters in Fire Emblem Engage that you first fought against and then later joined your party. Most of the characters from Elusia are good examples, such as Icy, Hortensia, Zelkov, and Kagetsu. These characters appear as opponents against you on the battlefield at one point, but for story reasons, they join your party and help you against the Fell Dragon.

Fire Emblem Engage has a gigantic roster of characters for you to add to your party, a total of 36. It might be unfortunate for some players that they cannot add Zephia to it, but she might appear later in the series as a playable character if they revisit her story, along with the other Four Hounds.