How the Embolden skill works in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Prepare to protect your party members.

Image via Capcom

The Embolden skill is one you might have to want to use on your character in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It’s a passive that you can use while you’re hunting a monster, and if you trigger it, you will gain powerful benefits that may complement your preferred weapon in the game. Knowing what skills you should use on your character is essential, and it’s important to know what the skills do. This guide covers how the Embolden skill works in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

What the Embolden skill does in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Embolden skill will be extremely useful if you find yourself dodging fairly often or if you’re someone who uses the guard defense when battling against a monster. With Embolden, your character’s defense increases by 10, and you slightly prolong the dodging invincibility, lowering the impact when guarding. In addition, you can activate the Embolden skill when a monster targets you. However, while targeted by a monster, it has a higher chance of becoming enraged.

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The Embolden skill appears on three armor pieces. You can receive it while wearing the Onmyo Kariginu chest plate, Onmyo Tekkou gloves, and the Onmyo Ateobi leggings. These are armor pieces you can earn by defeating the Violet Mizutsune. This monster will only appear if you reach Master Rank 10. You can reach this if you have the Sunbreak expansion and if you completed the main story for this expansion.

The Embolden skill won’t be viable for every weapon, but it would benefit players who prefer to guard against an incoming monster attack and who charge head first against a creature for the party.