How the Fantasy FUT promo and upgrades work in FIFA 23

A breakdown of the promo.

Image via EA

The FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT promo kicked off on March 3, with a special twist. All Fantasy FUT cards are eligible for future upgrades, but the requirements for these upgrades can be a bit tricky to understand. With that said, here’s a breakdown of how these cards could receive stat boosts over the coming weeks.

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How it works

Throughout the year, EA Sports will release special promos in FIFA Ultimate Team that include player items that can be upgraded through requirements that are accomplished on the real-life pitch. This is the case for Fantasy FUT.

Both Fantasy FUT and Fantasy FUT Heroes — legends of the game that will be representing a specific associated former team — are eligible for upgrades in FIFA 23.

The upgrades

Here’s how this works. There are two separate sets of upgrade requirements, one for regular Fantasy FUT players and the other for the Heroes. Generally, these have to do with how either the player or their team does in real life. First, let’s take a look at the Fantasy FUT regular item upgrade requirements:

  • + 1 OVR: one win in the team’s next six games
  • + 1 OVR: three appearances in the team’s next six games
  • + 1 OVR: ATT/MID: two goals or assists in the next six games, DEF/GK: two clean sheets in the team’s next six games
  • +1 OVR and three new Traits: club avoids defeat in the team’s next six games

Regular Fantasy FUT players can receive up to a +4 OVR stat boost. Per EA, the three additional traits will depend on the player’s position and existing traits.

And now for the Heroes:

  • +1 OVR: club wins one of the team’s next six games
  • +1 OVR: club avoids defeat in the team’s next six games

For Fantasy FUT cards, each upgrade scenario can be achieved independently.

As far as the game requirements are concerned, stat progress will begin to record on March 17. By then, the two weeks of the promo will be completed.