How the Field Hospital works in Darkest Dungeon 2

When’s your appointment?

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The Field Hospital is one of those rare building spawns in Darkest Dungeon 2 that you can’t wait to find during your journey. It appears on the side of the road and gives you the chance to heal your characters before going further. There are a handful of things you’ll do at the Field Hospital that are exclusive to it, meaning you’ll want to take advantage of those building whenever it appears.

The Field Hospital is the only location in Darkest Dungeon 2 where you can modify and lock in Quirks on your characters. You can do this at the Wellness tab, removing the negative Quirks and locking in the positive ones, so your character never loses them. Each choice costs a certain amount of currency.

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If you have healing items that can be exclusively used at the Field Hospital, you can use them at this time. These items are critical to ensure your characters can continue on their journey, granting them additional benefits and resistances to enemies they may encounter.

You also have the chance to purchase several items at the Field Hospital. However, similar to the Quirks page, you’ll need to spend currency to buy them.

The Field Hospital doesn’t always show up, but if you see it on your map, we highly recommend making sure to go out of your want to stop in and receive a checkup from the doctor.