How the Ironclad Flight mod works in Warframe

Shrink down and take flight.

image via Digital Extremes

Ironclad Flight is a Titania exclusive mod augment in Warframe. Mods are the building blocks for leveling up Frames and modifying their abilities and perks. Augments are Frame specific mods that usually alter or change a certain ability or bonus for that particular character. Ironclad Flight’s quirky description makes it seem like a detriment to Titania, but that isn’t the case. This guide will explain how the Ironclad Flight mod works in Warframe.

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How to use Ironclad Flight in Warframe

Ironclad Flight is a Titania exclusive mod, and Warframe augment that can be equipped in any standard or Exilus slot she has available. The description for this mod is as follows. Ironclad Flight disables Vacuum in Razorwing mode, but she also gains damage reduction.

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At max rank, this mod will provide Titania 40% damage reduction in her Razorwing mode. Razorwing is Titania’s ultimate ability. This power lets her shrink down to butterfly size and fly around the level with tremendous speed. The interesting aspect of this mod is that it disables the Vacuum passive ability. Vacuum is a passive perk that allows Warframes to suck in all nearby ammo drops, health, and energy orbs.

Typically, Vacuum is a great passive perk, the problem for Titania is that she relies on flight extensively to make her playstyle work in hard content. Vacuum gets activated during flight or bullet jumps, which causes her to absorb energy and health orbs when she doesn’t need them. Equipping this mod will remove Vacuum, allowing Titania players the flexibility to choose when they want or need to grab some extra health and energy.

How to unlock Ironclad Flight in Warframe

To unlock this mod for yourself, you must join the New Loka or Red Veil Syndicates. After earning Standing with either of these two factions, you can purchase this mod for 25,000 Standing.

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Once you have unlocked this mod, you can equip it on Titania or Titania Prime. If you decide to use this mod, you can’t equip the Aviator mod, as they share similar effects. If you plan on shrinking with her Razorwing ability, we suggest maxing out and equipping the Ironclad Flight mod.