How the Killing Time Limited-Time Takeover works in Apex Legends War Games event

Rounds go by faster as players bite the dust.

Killing TIme Takeover LTM

The Killing Time Limited-Time Takeover is a two-day Takeover in the Apex Legends War Games event. It is probably the simplest LTM Takeover in terms of how little it changes, but that singular change also makes it the most chaotic LTM of all. Every single time a Legend is killed, the round time is reduced, which means the ring will get smaller, faster, the more combat and fatal fire occurring.

This game mode encourages players to drop closer to the center of the map, as you may not have a lot of time on the outskirts if your location isn’t in the next ring. If you land far from the ring, try to find some Heat Shields or land near a Jump Tower. This mode also encourages the use of the most mobile of the Legends in case you do end up in a sticky situation. Even if you don’t normally play them, Killing Time is a perfect time to give Octane, Loba, Pathfinder, or Wraith a swing.

It is important to note that there is still the normal number of rounds and ring sizes in this game mode; they just occur faster based on the overall death rate. This also includes when a respawned player dies, so games with many respawns will have more round time deductions as these players go down a second time.

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The Killing Time Limited-Time Takeover is active from April 21 until April 23.