How the rebirth supply boxes work and how long it takes to recharge in Call of Duty: Warzone

A new crate has arrived.

There’s a new supply box available in Call of Duty: Warzone, specifically, on Rebirth Island. While running around the new map, you’ll find these red boxes that appear slightly different than the original blue boxes you may have encountered, and they also stand out from the distinct legendary crates or the supply crates. The Rebirth crates are likely a new mechanic to Rebirth Island and will continue to stick around. How do they work?

The name “Rebirth” for these crates was given them because they appear on Rebirth Island and refresh their contents. If you wait long enough, the chest seals back up, and there’s a new layer of loot inside these crates. How long do you have to wait? Even if you did not open the Rebirth chest, you’d be able to know how much longer a chest has before you can open it again.

The counter underneath the crate, the small yellow lights, will go up the bar on the crate’s front. Once it reaches the end of the line and becomes green, the chest refreshes. We waited in front of one to see how long it took us, and it was a little over a minute. If you find yourself trying to remain in one place until the circle moves, try to do this when you find one of these boxes nearby. You have the chance to regain ammunition, new weapons, or any armor you may lose or need to resupply.

This is one of the first new crates to come to Call of Duty: Warzone, and we hope to see new ones to offer a variety of new loot for Warzone players.