How to accept a friend request on Overwatch 2

You’ll want friends.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Playing Overwatch 2 in a group is the most desirable way to enjoy the game. You will want to have people by your side that you can communicate enemy positions to and enjoy the game with. That being said, before you can do that, you need to have added your trusted mates to your friend list. If your friend has sent you a friend invite and you can’t find it, here is how to accept a friend invitation in Overwatch 2.

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Where to accept friend invitations in Overwatch 2

While you are in the main menu for Overwatch 2 and receive a friend invitation, a message should appear at the top of the screen notifying you of who sent you the friend invite. You can find where to accept it by opening the Social menu and find the invite in this area.

If Overwatch 2 is having server issues, your friend invitations might not pop up, so you will have to go out of the game to find them. On PC, you can exit out of the game and find your friend list directly here, or you can download the mobile app on your phone and sign in there to do the same thing. Either method is very fast, and should be notified as soon as you receive it in the game.

Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 has been dealing with quite a few server issues at its launch, so the latter recommendation is our main suggestion for accepting friend requests in Overwatch 2 for now. If no friend request is appearing and your friends definitely entered your tag in correctly, we recommend logging out and signing back in to the service. That should bring things back up if the servers are not experiencing issues.