How to access ring consoles in Apex Legends

Get to the circle faster than anyone.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Season 16 of Apex Legends has brought a new tool for players to see where the circle will end up closing in. Access rings are a good way to figure out where you should go in critical moments. However, if you approach them, there seems to be no way to use them. If you want to use the ring consoles, you only need to understand how they work. Here is how you can access the ring consoles in Apex Legends.

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Access ring consoles in Apex Legends

Access ring consoles in Apex Legends work exactly like Survey Beacons. Special legends can access these consoles anytime if they haven’t recently used them. The type of legends that can interact with the ring consoles is now known as Controllers. The current Controller class characters in Apex Legends are:

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are playing as one of these characters, then you can easily access the ring consoles by just approaching them. You will see on the screen the button you need to press and hold to use the equipment. Players will have to wait for a bit while their character finishes an animation, and then they will see on the map where the circle will close in.

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To find a ring console, just look at the map. Right now, they are shown all over with a black-and-white sign, like the one hovering over the ring console in the image above. If you were wondering, Survey Beacons still exist on the map and can now only be used by the recently thinned-out Recon class.