The best skins for Caustic in Apex Legends

Vanity. Pure vanity.

Best Caustic Skins

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Alexander “Caustic” Nox is a mad scientist with bit kill count and little care for human lives. While he came into the story as a villain-type, he has softened up a little of the course of the story, and at times even been a father-like figure to one of the younger Legends, Wattson. Caustic is a multi-layered character and has some very cool outfits. Let’s take a look at Caustic’s ten best skins.

Top 10 Caustic Skins

This list is in order from the 10th best, all the way up to the very best skin at the bottom. These skins are earned in a variety of ways, such as Prime Gaming, limited-time events, past battle passes, and in-store promotions, as well as year-round buyable skins. That said, this is not a ‘how-to guide’ on how to get them, and will not detail how to do such. Some will never even be available again. It is almost purely rating the aesthetics.

10. Future’s Past (Rare)

Future's Past
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The reflective visor was a nice touch on this skin, setting it apart from Caustic’s other rare skins.

9. Tiger Blood (Epic)

Tiger Blood
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Caustic looks good in orange, and this skin has an OG feel since it’s from the Legendary Hunt event.

8. Barrel of Laughs (Epic)

Barrel of Laughs
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This is Caustic’s best epic skin; the pattern looks great on him.

7. Philosopher’s Stone (Legendary)

Philosopher's Stone
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The purple hair is really the main thing that makes this skin stand out.

6. Sweet Dreams (Legendary)

Sweet Dreams
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This recolor is a peak evil clown. Messy, super menacing, and creepy to boot.

5. Divine Right (Legendary)

Divine Right
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This basic Legendary skin has a great color scheme, and the blindfold is very cool.

4. Claustic (Legendary)

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This is the only skin where Caustic looks soft. He looks like a nice older man; it’s off-putting but magical.

3. Deputy of Death (Legendary)

Deputy of Death
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Evil cowboy Caustic is fantastic, badass, a little ridiculous, and just very memorable.

2. Mad King (Legendary)

Mad King
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This recolor from the anniversary event is stunning on caustic. The gold and red combo look great.

1. Third Emperor (Legendary)

Third Emperor
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All of Caustic’s other skins can step aside and make way for the emperor. This skin is so incredible. The purple and deep grey robe. The ornate nature of his accessories. The mystical incorporation of the green glow in his toxins and in his eyes. The white hair. The marred face. We can’t find a single flaw in this skin. Caustic looks like he is a mercenary or the main antagonist of a fantasy series. We would kill (in Apex Legends, of course) to see a recolor or two of this bad boy.