How to access the Secret Dino Mission in Command and Conquer Remastered

Welcome to Jurr…I mean, Fun Park.

Command And Conquer PC Remaster

If it has been a while since you played Command and Conquer, you might be returning to the Remaster deciding which campaign you wish to play first. Some of you may even remember a small, secret, third campaign that is hidden away in the game as a sort of Easter Egg.

The Fun Park campaign involves some Nod troops trying to find out what is going on with some wild animal attacks, which turn out to be dinosaurs. If you want to see how well your troops will fair against this prehistoric threat, this article will show you how to access the mini-campaign.

First, you need to start up the game and load up the first Command and Conquer Remastered game. When you are on the main menu before you start a campaign, hold the Shift key and click on each bolt on the main menu graphic. There will be four in total, and each time you click on one, you should hear a roaring sound.

The mini-campaign will now be unlocked and can be accessed from the Mission Select screen at any time. You don’t need to play through it all in one sitting, and can return to it anytime you like.

So, to recap, you need to take the following steps to access the secret dino missions.

  • Load up Command and Conquer Remastered
  • In the main menu screen, hold Shift.
  • Click on all four of the bolts to hear the roaring sound.
  • The mini-campaign is now open in the Mission Select screen.