How to make money in Stardew Valley

Learn how to fill your pockets with gold.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a deep farming game, dripping with content and hours of gameplay for you to get lost in. As is the case in the real world, you need a little extra cash to maintain and make your farm better. Buying crops and other items will be paramount to growing your farm and unlocking more of the game for you.

Starting out, you are only loaned 500g, a paltry amount for the game that will quickly be spent. Here are some ways you can fill up your wallet a little more.


As you would expect, growing and selling your crops is a good way to earn some gold in Stardew Valley. While you can make money on animals as well, you will want to focus on crops as they are much better for earning income.

Starting with turnips, you will eventually gain access to new seeds with varying value and effectiveness growing depending on the season. Strawberries, for example, payout big time in the Spring, but can only be bought at the Egg Festival on the 13th of Spring. Here is a rundown of the crops you should focus on harvesting to get the most money.

  • Spring: strawberries, green beans, rhubarb, cauliflower, and potatoes.
  • Summer: blueberries, starfruit, hops, hot peppers, and melons.
  • Fall: sweet gem berries, cranberries, grapes, pumpkins, artichoke.

After saving up and getting a greenhouse, you can grow any plants in it during any time of the year, even winter. If you end up getting ancient seeds, you can grow ancient fruit that are the most profitable crop in the game. However, they are rare to get, so for a more surefire way to earn cash from farming, focus on the crops above as well as corn and wheat that grow through multiple seasons.

Artisan goods

Artisan goods are items you create on your farm with ingredients you have grown. Whether it is making mayonnaise from eggs or making pickles or jellies from your vegetables and fruit, artisan goods can lead to a nice increase in money obtained from your items. Simply give whatever ingredient is needed to the proper machine and wait for it to its job over time.

Making artisan goods can be a long process at times, so be sure not to use all of your items on this, but it gives a nice bonus when it makes your items.


Fishing may be boring, but after getting a free fishing rod early in the game, you can earn quite a bit of extra change. Be sure to particularly focus on fishing on rainy days. These days you do not need to water your crops, so it gives you extra time to do other things, and the fish you catch generally sell for higher prices than the ones you find on other days. Also, be sure to always aim for bubbling areas in the water. Fish will bite faster here and are more likely to be rare.

When you reach level six fishing and have an extra 7,500g, buy the iridium rod. It can use tackle and bait, making it the best rod in the game. Not only will catching tougher fish become easier as you level up, but you will be on your way to catching a legendary fish, which are the highest price selling item in the game.


Collecting enough ores to make iron and gold bars is a good way to make some cash, but you also have chances to find diamonds or other gems in the mines. While mining should be worked on throughout the year, you will have even more time to mine during winter since you will not be farming (unless you have a greenhouse). Be sure to come prepared, though, as there will be enemies trying to lower your health, and you will need more energy to keep going further into the mine.


As your skills progress in different areas of the game, you will be able to choose professions that give you bonuses on the work you do. Here are some of the professions that will help you earn more cash quicker.

  • Farming: Tiller (level 5), Artisan (level 10)

At level five, choosing Tiller makes your crops worth 10% more. After that, Artisan will make your artisan goods worth 50% more.

  • Fishing: Fisher (level 5), Angler (level 10)

Fisher makes your fish worth 25% more as Angler makes them 50% more.

Mining also has a bunch of professions, and virtually all of them will increase your gathering of items to sell and make more money off of. When it is time to choose your professions, just be sure to select what is best for you.