How to Add Friends on The Sims FreePlay

Having friends to play games with makes them all the better, here’s how to add friends in the Sims Freeplay mobile game.

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The Sims has remained a staple slice-of-life game for decades, with multiple editions of the title released across different platforms. For example, The Sims FreePlay for mobile has remained popular since its release in 2011, despite the release of The Sims 4. However, this pocket-sized Sim world is a little different from the PC and console editions and offers some features that may be unfamiliar to fans of the series – including adding friends online.

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How to Add A Friend in The Sims FreePlay Using Facebook

Sims Freeplay how to add friends
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Adding friends, known as “Neighbors”, in The Sims FreePlay can be done through several methods. The most convenient way to add neighbors to The Sims FreePlay on Android and iOS is by linking Facebook accounts and inviting others playing the game to join a game. This can be done by:

  • Opening The Sims FreePlay and then selecting the green button reading “…” at the righthand bottom of the screen.
  • From there, open the grey lock icon on the bottom right of the options to open the “Account Manager” tab.
  • Using the Facebook account link option, log into your Facebook Account.
  • Players can also log into their Google Play.
  • Enter the “World” icon in the main menu to see the Facebook friends also playing The Sims FreePlay.

How to Add Friends in The Sims FreePlay Using Game Center

Now, without using Facebook, Game Center used to be one way that players could connect with their friends on Apple devices, but with latest updates, iOS doesn’t have Game Center anymore. In order to friend someone as a neighbor on The Sims FreePlay, players will need to go through iMessage to add the person they want.

Additionally, to add someone nearby in real life, go to Settings, click Game Center, and then activate the option that allows detection to others via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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That is everything to know about finding neighbors in The Sims FreePlay, once a person has been found, players can then easily friend them or join them. Currently, The Sims FreePlay is the only game in the series capable of multiplayer gameplay, and having the chance to share a Sim world with friends is a fun and rewarding adventure.