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How to add vehicles to your garage in Saints Row

Watch your car collection grow.

Saints Row is similar to Grand Theft Auto in many ways. You can run around the city, destroy anything you want, and perform jobs to get money. When you aren’t running guns or finding cargo pallets of drugs on the streets, you can be chilling in your apartment, where you can admire the one car that you start with that is taking up room in your garage. You might want to consider upgrading your car collection by adding more vehicles to it.

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Where to find vehicles to add to your garage in Saints Row

There are a lot of different vehicles that you can find throughout Saints Row. You have access to everything from offroad monster trucks and dune buggies to slim convertibles and sports cars. To get more of these vehicles in your garage, you will need to start doing some carjacking.

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To carjack a vehicle, you will first need to find a car that you like. There are plenty of sports cars that you can find around your starting safehouse. Walk up to one that you like and interact with it by pressing the Y button on Xbox, the Triangle button on PS, and the E key on PC. This will initiate a short interaction where your character hops into the vehicle. If there was an NPC in it, they will probably start shooting at you.

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Drive the car back to your garage, and it will automatically get added to your collection. In the garage screen, you can change which car you are currently driving and which one is your favorite. You will find more cars as you progress through the game, but there is no limit that we found to the cars you can get for your collection.

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