How to amass a million followers on Social Media in BitLife

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Image via Candywriter

If you’re interested in having a Social Media focus for your character in BitLife, or you’re trying to complete one of the many challenges in the game, such as the Tanya Bregar Challenge, you’re going to need to amass a large number of social media followers. You can do this by focusing on a particular type of social media among the five choices. You also want to ensure your character has the proper stats to increase the chance of people following them on a given platform. This guide details the best way to amass a million followers on Social Media in BitLife.

Before doing this, make sure to pick one of the five social media platforms you want your character to use actively. You can pick from TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. Of the choices, we’ve found that YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are typically better platforms, and the content we post tends to receive more reactions. Therefore, we recommend one of these three, but it might not matter too much.

Once you’ve chosen your Social Media platform, you need to create various posts for that platform and do unique content. You don’t want to spam the same type of post or video consistently. Make sure to make several unique ones and to do it often. The more often you post to social media, at a younger age, the more chances you have a post you make going viral, massively increasing your follower count.

You will earn the most followers by hitting the ‘age up’ button, but you want to make sure you’re keeping up a consistent number of posts. If you post 20 times during one year and then four times the next, you’re not going to gain as many followers as you did during the year you posted 20 times.

Try to avoid trolling and buying followers. Both of these actions are good was to get your account suspended. However, there’s always the chance that could happen for a random reason, but those two are basically guaranteed outcomes, eventually.

Over time, your followers should steadily rack up, and you’ll be hitting a million in no time. It becomes much easier once you become famous, which should happen well before reaching one million followers. However, if you lose your fame, you’re going to find yourself losing followers pretty often.