How to attract mates in DogLife

Feel like “Freek’N” you!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Attracting a mate in DogLife is extremely important, especially for those who want to start a litter and raise puppies or kittens. The first step of this is, of course, finding a suitable mate. Depending on your current life, this can be simple or a bit tricky. Typically you’ll have an easier time with a family that has another same-species animal of the opposite gender living with you. You can also have luck living with a diverse pack in the street. Below we will tell you the best way to attract a mate in DogLife.

As stated above, first is finding a suitable mate, your mileage may vary depending on your living situation, but the same steps will help. The key to attracting a mate is developing a good relationship with your prospective partner. Simply showing them love, nuzzling, licking, and cuddling them will increase their relationship with you. When dealing with a pack alpha while living in the streets, we have found that submitting to them can yield more favorable results when a female animal enters Heat.

When playing as a female animal, you will go into Heat at around one year old. When this happens, you have a couple of options available to you. You can put out a scent to attract a male, find alternate relief, or suffer through it. In terms of attracting a mate, putting out a pheromone scent is the way to go. After selecting this option, a pop-up with a pheromone slider will appear, allowing you to choose how many pheromones to release. Altering the slider to the right will cause a more potent scent that should attract a male in the area to you.

From there, nature will take its course and DogLife will show a pop-up on the screen informing you of how the interaction went.