How to bathe cats in BitLife

Your cats need baths too.

Image via Candywriter

Many of the animals in BitLife require essential maintenance to make sure they live the longest life they can, and they fully appreciate you adopting them. However, when it comes to cats, you have the choice to bathe them, and while they might disagree with it, it’s essential to make sure they remain healthy. This guide details how to bathe cats in BitLife.

When you adopt a cat, the animal will be underneath your Relationships tab, and you’ll be able to find them under the pets category. Click on the cat that you want to bathe, and go down to the bathe option. All you have to do is make sure to click it, and you’ll receive a small notification about how your cat appreciated it or did not. They probably won’t.

Unfortunately, doing this is also a good way to lower your relationship with your cat. To make sure it remains high enough, you want to provide them with a treat or choose to spend time with them. These are additional options you can choose to pick when you click on a cat in the pets category. The more often you bathe your cat, the more treats you can expect to give them to keep them content and happy.