How to be a K-Pop singer in BitLife

Take the stage.


Image via Candywriter

Some people are just called to the stage, and the life-simulator BitLife allows you to live out those dreams. You can even become a famous K-Pop singer, and get the K-Pop achievement. It’s not that hard to do, but there are some areas you should focus on, and a couple of key things you will need to do.

Up first, you will need to be born in South Korea, so make sure you start your game there. When you are younger, do activities that improve your looks, and do any activities you can that involve singing, dancing, or acting. Straight out of school, you should be gunning for the Backing Vocalist role. It’s not the center stage, but it is a great way to start a career in show business. Stay going for the job until you get it, and this will start your career.

If it takes a while for the Backing Singer job to come up, you can take another showbiz related job like an actor or a voice actor. Make sure you keep exercising and going to the gym as well, to keep your looks rating nice and high.

After that, it is all about living well and focusing on your career. Each year you should focus on work, and make sure you don’t get any legal scrapes that might damage your image. Work hard, and you will eventually be promoted to the job of Lounge Singer. You just need to repeat the process of working as hard as you can each year, focusing on things that will advance your career and make you a bigger public figure. Avoid trouble with the law, grow your social media presence, and work hard, and you will eventually become a Singer, then a Lead Singer.

It will take a few years as a Lead Singer before stardom comes calling, and you will officially be a K-Pop star, so just keep working hard until you get there.