How to be born in Mississippi in BitLife

Welcome to Mississippi.

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When selecting the type of location you want to live in, BitLife, it can be challenging to find the correct starting point. For many of the challenges and achievements in the game, you may need to have your character start at a specific location. For example, the O Challenge has your character living in Mississippi, but you have to choose a city within the state. In this guide, we will cover how to be born in Mississippi in BitLife.

How to start in Mississippi

When it comes to starting in Mississippi, the only way to do this is by choosing the correct city. None of the options inform you if your character lives in a particular state. Instead, you only have to go off of the city name. Before you worry about the cities when creating your character, make sure you choose the United States as the country. After that, you’ll have a complete list of many cities you can choose for your character to be born. These are the cities you want to worry about for Mississippi.

  • Biloxi
  • Charleston

These two cities have proven to work for the O Challenge. Unfortunately, the game does not tell you these are within Mississippi when you select them, but it will count for the challenge.

Whenever attempting to live in a specific location in BitLife, you want to cross-reference the city names with any within the state. However, not all of them work. For example, the city of Columbus in Mississippi is not available in BitLife. Columbus city is listed as an available option, but it’s likely the one in Ohio.

After choosing any of the two cities listed in our list, your character will be born in Mississippi.