How to beat Heket in Cult of the Lamb

Heket is one of the four Bishops protecting their leader.

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Heket is one of the four Bishops you will battle against in Cult of the Lamb. The Bishops hold domain over their realms, and defeating them in battle is a difficult task. There’s no sure-fire way to do this, and you may fail to battle them again another day. However, there are a handful of things you can do to defeat this Heket and some key strategies to use during the battle. This guide covers how to beat Heket in Cult of the Lamb.

How to defeat Heket in Cult of the Lamb

At the start of the battle, Heket will sacrifice five of her Followers to transform into an even more powerful creature. She will be sitting on all fours and appear similar to the giant frogs you’ve been battling throughout her realm. Like these frogs, she will use similar attacks throughout this encounter, such as summoning flies, flinging bombs, and jumping around.

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One of the unique attacks Heket uses is her tongue. While remaining in her spot, she will quickly fling her tongue out across the arena to your character’s location, doing an area of effect of damage. Thankfully, with some quick reflexes, you can quickly dodge this, taking no damage. When this happens, Heket will be motionless for a few seconds, allowing you to heavily damage them while in that location.

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The other attacks in Heket’s rotation include hopping around, firing bugs at you, and flinging bombs throughout the battlefield. All these attacks were used by the larger frog minions you were battling before, so they shouldn’t look too unfamiliar if you’ve reached this point. Simultaneously, multiple smaller frogs will make their way into the arena throughout the encounter. These frogs merely hop around, causing damage when they land. However, they can quickly overwhelm if you’re not careful, and we highly recommend making time to eliminate a few before returning your attention to Heket.

When Heket reaches roughly halfway to his health bar, she will disappear, and you will need to deal with two larger frogs. These larger frogs are much stronger than the other adversaries you’ve faced, but they don’t have any unique attacks. After defeating them, they will disappear, and Heket will immediately return.

Heket uses stronger attacks during the second phase, but they do not change too much. The most significant change we noticed was when she used his tongue attack, he sent out multiple tongues to do several area of attacks, but these were the only changes.

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After you defeat Heket, she will drop her heart, and you can advance out of the Anura region.