How to beat Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride in Overwatch 2

Cut the honeymoon short.

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One of the most popular Overwatch events each year has always been Junkenstein’s Revenge during the annual Halloween Terror event. This PvE mode was so positively received that it helped push Blizzard to make more PvE events during Archives and later to make a whole story mode for Overwatch 2. With the sequel now out, the tale has progressed further with Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, a follow-up to the previous gate-protecting mission. Here is how to beat it.

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How to complete Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride in Overwatch 2

Before we begin, here are some things to keep in mind. You only fail if everyone is downed at the same time, but you have three chances to complete a run. When a teammate is put down, they will have a short timer before they can be picked up. Interact with them after the timer to bring them back up.

Meet at the pub

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Your first objective is pretty simple. When the game starts, all four heroes will be separated momentarily in the starting area of Eichenwalde. Break the barricades keeping you inside and meet up with the others in front of the pub. Kiriko can easily Swift Step to Ashe if she gets in trouble, and Junker Queen and Sojourn can work together to take out Zomnics in their area. When everyone gets to the front door, watch behind you and to the side for a horde of Zomnics that will attack.

Fight Banshee Moira

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After eliminating the horde, walk inside and interact with the radio for a quick explanation that the castle has fallen. Make your way out of the pub towards the marked gate, and you will be told to find a key. It can be located in a nearby room next to where the point would be in a regular game. When you interact with it, you will get a jumpscare from Banshee Moira, who takes the key and teleports outside.

When you go to fight Moira, first focus on the blue Zomnics to make sure they don’t deal damage you. When all of them are gone, focus on Moira. Sojourn or Junker Queen should take this time to activate their Ultimate, but you should be fine holding the rest of them for later. When the Banshee is dropped, pick up the key and unlock the gate.

Fight Gargoyle Winstons

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In the next part of the map, you will be attacked by multiple Winstons and Zomnics after getting close to the gate. Here, we recommend Sojourn and Ashe focus on taking out the Zomnics when they see them and then everyone ganging up on one Winston at a time. They will drop down shields and stand pretty stationery with an occasional leap, so run away if they get too close and hurt you. Kiriko, in particular, should be focused on keeping her distance. This should be a good area to use Junker Queen and Kiriko’s Ultimates.

Fight Marionette Echoes

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After the Winstons have been dealt with, you will travel into the dungeons. Make sure everyone is healed up and interact with all of the torches on the wall to open a secret passage. This will activate a dream sequence where you will all appear in a room with deactivated Echoes. One by one, they will come to life and attack you. Whenever you see one activate, ping it so your teammates know where to go and work together to take them down quickly. If you work together properly, you should be able to save your Ultimates in this area.

Fight Summoner Symmetra and another Winston

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When you get out of the nightmare and reach the castle doors, Symmetra and another Winston will attack. Stay spread out so the two enemies will hopefully split up. Symmetra will put up her giant shield barrier pretty frequently and throw out her turrets, so focus on taking her out first. She stays pretty still, so aim for headshots. If you have them, use your Ultimates here to make this fight go as quickly as possible. You do not want her to build up charge on her fire or let her turrets multiply. There will also be a few Zomnics, but nothing to particularly worry about.

Venture through the castle

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Once inside the castle, you will be introduced to Sigma surrounded by a purple force field. He is invincible here and hurts you when he gets close, so avoid him at all costs. Run past him through the hallways killing Zomnics and destroying barriers until he finally leaves.

When you get to the hallway that is outside the final point on Eichenwalde, Bastion will appear and attack you. If you are on higher difficulties, run into one of the side rooms to avoid his turret fire until he returns to his normal form. When he is in his less damage-heavy form, blast him down. If you have to, use one of your Ultimates, but don’t waste them all here.

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When he is done, enter the room behind where he entered the hallway and kill the Zomnics. Grab the key here and get ready to unlock the door to the throne room. Whenever the key holder interacts with the door, a group of Shock Tires and Zomnics will attack from down the hallway. The other three should focus on taking them out as quickly as possible.

Boss fight against Bride Sombra

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Now you are in the final boss arena. Sombra appears and flips a switch that shocks Reinhardt, who is on the experiment table. For the first part of this fight, Sombra will appear around the room near a switch. When this happens, you have to deal enough damage to her to stop her from flipping the switch. When she does this, it will harm Reinhardt and make you fail if he loses his health. You can afford to let her do it once if you need to take a moment to recover your health, but don’t let his health get too low. When she appears on a switch, Ashe should focus on Zomnics while everyone else focuses on getting her off the switch.

When you get her away from the switch, Sombra will throw out her Translocator and begin shooting you. Destroy the device so she can’t teleport away and burst her down. Don’t forget to take out any Zomnics that appear.

As Sombra moves between switches, Shock Tires, Bastion, and Sigma will appear. Focus on taking Bastion and the Shock Tires, and whoever Sigma is chasing should kite him around the area away from the others. Kiriko and Sojourn should use their Ultimates on Bastion, while Ashe uses hers to focus on Zomnics. Junker Queen can use hers whenever.

After Sombra has been pushed off of all the switches, you will be focused on eliminating her. Use all you have to concentrate on her while avoiding Sigma and taking out the Zomnics. When her health has been depleted, you will have won.