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How to beat Shiver in Splatoon 3 – boss fight guide

Time to fight Master Mega and Shiver!

When you get to the last stage of the fourth site, you’ll be fighting Shiver. However, she isn’t alone. You’ll also be taking on her friend, Master Mega, a giant shark who will prove to be a challenge. If you’re having trouble defeating Shiver, this is what you need to do in order to progress further into Splatoon 3’s campaign.

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How to beat Shiver in Splatoon 3

Like with Frye and Octobot King L3.Gs, Shiver will have three phases. Each phase will be more challenging than the last and will add a new move to the Deep Cut member’s arsenal.

How to defeat Shiver’s first phase

In this first phase, Master Mega will swim around the arena and throw projectiles at you. You can’t deflect these, so your only option is to dodge them. Your opportunities for attack will come when Master Mega charges at you. This will either occur when it swims underneath the stage and will come up or when it charges straight at you with its mouth open. When Master Mega reveals itself or when it charges at you, you’ll need to press R and throw a bomb or your Smallfry into its mouth. Throwing a bomb in his mouth will stun Master Mega and give you some time to ink him. Once it is fully inked, it will jump back into the ink and leave Shiver behind. Ink Shiver enough for her to get splatted to get to her second phase.

How to defeat Shiver’s second phase

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The new move that Master Mega will summon ink tornados. It will summon three of them, and when it jumps on the last one, Master Mega will fire a beam of ink at you. After it makes this attack, its mouth will be open for a short moment. Dodge the ink and throw a bomb or your Smallfry into its mouth. Either one will knock Master Mega onto the platform, giving you time to ink it. Repeat this process until it knocks Shiver off, giving you the chance to splat her. If you manage to splat Shiver successfully, you will move on to the final phase.

How to defeat Shiver’s third phase

When Master Mega makes its tornado attack, it will fire three beams instead of one. Master Mega will also be faster, and when you knock it onto the platform, it will crawl faster back to the ink, giving you less time to attack it. When it comes to the three beams, we highly recommend that you stand on one side of the platform and move across to the other, so you have enough time to maneuver and be able to throw a bomb or Smallfry into Master Mega’s mouth. If you successfully dodge its attacks and manage to ink him enough, it will eventually knock Shiver off, allowing you to land the final blow to finish the fight.

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