How to beat Sierra in Pokémon Go for July 2020 – Weaknesses, tactics, counters

Here’s what you need to know when engaging the Rocket Team Go Leader, Sierra

 How to beat Sierra in Pokémon Go for July 2020 – Weaknesses, tactics, counters

Sierra is one of the three Team GO Rocket leaders you can fight in Pokémon GO. Traditionally, to face her, you need to collect six Mysterious Components from Rocket Grunts at captured PokéStops. After you receive them, you can build a Rocket Radar to hone in on a Leader Hideout. Now, you can also do battle against them by finding them in Team Rocket balloons in the sky. You still need mysterious devices to find them. At first, they only appear to trainers who are level 40. 

You need to use robust and durable Pokémon when fighting Sierra. You want to use more defensive options with all-around general attacks to fight against any Pokémon Sierra throws at you. Sierra’s Pokémon line-up is changing for July 2020, especially with the upcoming Team Rocket takeover event set to happen on July 12 from 11 am to 2 pm in your local time.

First Pokémon

The first Pokémon Sierra will use against you is Lapras a Water and Ice-type or Beldum a Steel and Psychic-type. Lapras will be weak to Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock-type moves, whereas Beldum is weak to Dark, Fire, Ghost, and Ground-type attacks. Unfortunately, they share no weaknesses. You’ll want a powerful attack to take it out of the game early. Because of the next Pokémon, you probably want to focus on using powerful Electric-type moves that Zekrom, Luxray, Magnezone, or Electivire can use. Alternatively, Fighting and Ground-type Pokémon are likely your best options, so try to think about using Lucario, Tyranitar, Heracross, Hariyama, or Breloom.

Second Pokémon

You will face one of these three options:

  • Sharpedo a Water and Dark-type
  • Lapras a Water and Ice-type
  • Exeggutor a Grass and Psychic-type

If Sierra uses Sharpedo or Lapras as her second option, your first option will do pretty well against them, granted it has enough health to get in a few hits. Hopefully, they’re super-effective attacks. Regardless, you don’t want to hedge all of your bets on your first Pokémon for both battles. It wouldn’t hurt to have a back-up Electric or Grass-type, but these may not do so well against Exeggutor. A good option would be to use a Fighting-type Pokémon, like Conkeldurr, Machamp, Hariyama, or a Heracross that knows megahorn.

Third Pokémon

The final Pokémon Sierra will use is one of these three options:

  • Shiftry a Grass and Dark-type
  • Alakazam a Psychic-type
  • Houndoom a Fire and Dark-type

Given the choices here, you may want to consider using a Bug or Fighting-type Pokémon. A choice like Heracross would be excellent for Sierra’s second and third choices, especially if it knew counter and megahorn. That’d be your best option for most of her possible choices, but you can also use Chndelure, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Gengar, Pinsir, or Absol.

Plenty of trainers have encountered Sierra and have been hit by back-to-back Lapras Pokémon, so make sure you remain wary of this combination when battling her. The recent shift could force you to rethink your strategy each time, and because of the Team Rocket balloons, Sierra will not float above you forever, waiting.