How to beat the Ancient Hero of Zamor in Elden Ring

An ancient hero emerges.

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The Ancient Her of Zamor is one of the Evergaol bosses you can find in the world. Like the other Evergaol bosses, the Ancient Hero isn’t the easiest boss to beat. You will need to keep light on your feet or he will quickly end your run. Here is how you beat the Ancient Hero of Zamor in Elden Ring.

Ancient Hero location

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To find this boss, you will need to venture out of Limgrave and head south along the bridge to the Weeping Peninsula. Once there, head to the far western side of the area. Nearby, you will be able to find the Fourth Church of Marika. Make sure to stop in and discover the Site of Grace before heading to the boss fight.

Ancient Hero attacks

The Ancient Hero has some standard attacks that you will have seen from other fights. These are the attacks you will need to worry about:

  • Thrust – The boss lunges forward in a stabbing motion.
  • Spin attack – The boss will dances around a little before attack in a sweeping motion.
  • Chill attack – The boss blows ice wind in your direction that damages you and builds up frostbite.
  • Hailstorm – The boss creates a hailstorm around himself that damages you if you are caught in it.
  • Frostbite Sword – At around 50% health, the boss will coat his sword with frostbite damage.

How to beat the Ancient Hero

The Ancient Hero is similar to the Bloodhound fight. You can easily use magic to take out the boss. You will have to watch out a bit more because the boss can easily bridge the distance and get at you. Keep dodging backward and you will be fine. As always, the Swift Glintstone Shard spell is great for dealing damage quickly and safely.

Melee attackers will want to be aggressive. Be sure to use your shield and perform counters when possible. The boss can easily be stunned if you perform heavy attacks. Of course, make sure you have time to get the attack in before using it. The boss can be parried despite it being a little difficult. Be sure to dodge backward when avoiding his attacks and dodge to the side if you see him lunge.