How to beat the Cleanrot Knight in Elden Ring

Battle a clean knight in a rotten place.

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The Cleanrot Knight is one of the bosses in Elden Ring that you can also find as a normal enemy. While not extremely hard to beat, they can prove a challenge for those who are less skillful at the game. Here is everything you need to know so you can beat the Cleanrot Knight in Elden Ring.

Cleanrot Knight location

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The boss version of the Cleanrot Knight can be found in Stillwater Cave. This dungeon is located in the southern portion of Lake Liurnia, near where you first enter the area. The cave is filled with poison and is rather hard to traverse.

Cleanrot Knight attacks

The Cleanrot Knight has a few pretty standard attacks for enemies that you face normally. While not extremely powerful, you will want to keep your guard up. Here are the attacks you need to watch out for.

  • Lunge – The boss will lunge forward and make a piercing attack.
  • Holy Spears – The boss will stick its spear into the ground and make a sweeping motion. This will cause holy spears to stick up out of the ground in front of the boss.
  • Impale – The boss’ spear will glow yellow before they make a piercing attack. This attack will lift you into the air as well.
  • Slash – The boss will make a slashing attack with its sword or spear.
  • Guard – While not an attack, the boss will cross its weapons in a guarded stance to protect itself.

Remember that the boss arena is filled with poison except for a few small platforms. If you want to avoid the poison, you will want to stand on one of these areas in the room.

How to beat the Cleanrot Knight

The Cleanrot Knight isn’t the hardest boss in the game by far. The biggest threat in the room is the poison. If you get poisoned, make sure to manage your health and use your flasks to get your health back. Forgetting about your health can easily lead to your character getting killed.

Those of you using melee attacks will want to watch for the holy spear attack. This attack can be pretty devastating if it connects. Stay up close to the boss to make it perform more of its standard attacks like the slash attack. These can be parried and guarded against easily. If you don’t want to parry the attacks, use guard counters to hit the boss. This boss can be stunned very easily with heavy weapons. Those of you with greatswords should keep on the offensive and stunlock the boss.

Ranged attacks are harder to perform in this arena since the boss can easily bridge the gap you create in the small room. Use quick spells like the Swift Glintstone Shard to help avoid taking damage. Make sure to have a shield that can easily block the knight’s attacks as well in case he catches up to you.