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How to beat Wraiths in Trek to Yomi

Take down these otherwordly foes as soon as you can.

During Trek to Yomi’s late game, you’ll encounter a host of supernatural foes, one of which is the Wraith. These are effectively summoner-class enemies that repeatedly conjure a bunch of ghostly enemies for you to fight, and they won’t stop summoning until they’ve been defeated. They can be a pain to deal with, which is why you’ll want to take them out as soon as possible when you run into one.

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When you encounter a Wraith, it will conjure a few enemies right away, shield itself with a swirling whirlwind of debris, and then start floating high above the ground. Before you can do any damage to it, you’ll have to take down the enemies it has summoned. Once they’re down, the Wraith will lower itself onto even footing with you. Attack it a few times, and you’ll destroy its shield.

Hiroki fights a Wraith and some ghosts
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After this, it should retreat back into the air while summoning a few more enemies. Defeat this second wave of foes, and the Wraith will, once again, lower itself back down to the ground. A few more light attacks should take it down for good.

Luckily, the Wraith doesn’t do much besides summoning enemies for you to fight. Occasionally, it may fly into you at a high speed, but this is a fairly easy attack to block.

Most of the enemies that the Wraith will summon are heavily-armored ones. To take them down, we highly recommend using stunning attacks/combos and then performing a finisher to get a quick kill. By the time you hit Chapter 5, which is where you’ll first encounter a Wraith, you should have at least a few combos that are capable of stunning more powerful foes.

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