How to become a carpenter in BitLife

Watch your fingers while working at this job.

Image via Candywriter

Becoming a carpenter in BitLife can be difficult. It’s a job with a lot of manual labor, and nailing the application can be difficult for any of your characters if they are unprepared for the work involved. Another problem with it is actually finding the job as an available option in the mobile game. This guide will share how to become a carpenter in BitLife.

How to get the carpenter job

The carpenter job in BitLife is similar to the other jobs in the game. You will need to find it by going to the Occupation section on the left side of your screen and looking at the full-time jobs section. A common problem might be seeing it appear in the list. If you do not see it as a viable option, you will need to close out of the BitLife application and refresh the game. This replaces all the previous options with new ones when you reload the game, and it does not cost you a year of your character’s life. The role you’re looking to apply for is the Apprentice Carpenter.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Like other jobs in BitLife, you will need to dedicate plenty of time to improve your character’s craft with it by showing up to work, working hard, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Before accepting this role, we recommend having a high level of Health to ensure your character is prepared for the job.

To progress through the carpenter progression, make sure to work hard every year and try to put in extra hours. You can do this in the Occupation section by picking the job name at the top. Eventually, your bosses will promote you, and your character will advance beyond a simple apprentice.