How to become a doctor in BitLife

Save lives, make money doing it.


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The medical profession is a noble cause. Saving lives and helping out the vulnerable in society is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, even if it’s not the most well paid. In BitLife, this trend continues. But the life of a physician is not an easy one to get into.

You need to work incredibly hard and put in the graft for a number of years to make it into the medical industry. But with the right choices, making it as a doctor in BitLife is not too difficult to achieve.

Firstly, your character will need the ‘Smarts’ attribute to be above 50 to improve your chances of making it to the top. As you grow your character, look to ensure that your character’s school grades are as good as they can be. To do this, in the ‘School’ menu on the left side of the main hub, tap on the school icon at the top of your page, and then use the ‘Study Harder’ option at the bottom. Be wary of your stress levels in the Schedule screen. 

Continue this throughout school until graduation in High School. If your grades are good, then you can apply to university with a number of subject choices. If not, you will need to apply to Community College and graduate there first. Of the subjects, you will need to pick one linked to the medical profession, such as ‘Psychology’. After picking a finance option, you should be enrolled.

BitLife Doctor
Image via Candywriter LLC

From here, continue to study harder and once you have graduated from University, head to ‘Occupation’ from the main hub, and then ‘Education’. Here, you should see an option for ‘Medical School’ with an ambulance icon. If you have played it right up to here, you will be offered a spot after choosing a funding option.

Continue once again to improve your grades and you will find that after graduation from Medical School, applying for a job as a brain surgeon should get you an interview, and once passed, you will be a qualified doctor, and the achievement should pop up for you.

The medical school graduation will also help with other professions in the game, such as a Psychiatrist, for example. However, be aware that Nursing School is not the same here. You might be a member of the medical profession, but the game will not pop the achievement for a doctor if you advance with nursing.