How to become a famous reporter in BitLife

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You can choose nearly any job for your character in BitLife. They can become a doctor, a writer, a singer, or rise through the noise and become a famous actor. You can become a reporter for those who want to report the facts and share investigative news. In this guide, we will cover how to become a famous reporter in BitLife.

How to become a reporter

Before becoming a famous reporter, we recommend focusing on your character’s Smarts and increasing it as they grow up. They will want to attend middle school and high school. We encourage you to select the “work hard” option each year to improve your character’s grades. When they graduate, make sure they attempt to apply for a scholarship and attend college with the intent of receiving a degree in journalism. You’ll then spend another four years in college before graduating.

When you’re out of college, you’ll have the chance to become a Jr. Reporter. You can find this job by searching in the Full-time Jobs section and then searching for that position. If you do not see it, we recommend choosing to Age Up your character, or you can restart the BitLife application. This refreshes the list, giving you a second chance to find it. You may need to do this multiple times until the job appears as an available position. When you see it, apply for it, and you should become a Jr. Reporter.

You’ll then need to work up the job ladder. You want to work hard, become friends with your co-workers, and actively work on interesting reports to increase your notoriety. Eventually, you’ll become a full-time reporter.