How to become a farmer in BitLife

Becoming a farmer is luck-based, but maintaining it takes time and patience.


Image via Candywriter LLC

You can have various jobs and professions when playing BitLife. One of the easier ones to become is a farmer because you don’t need any required skills or anything special to qualify for it. Instead, it’s all about having the luck to have it show up in your list of choices. 

To have a job as a farmer, you’ll have a list of professions and jobs you can have your character accept when they become a certain age. Once this happens, you’ll need to scroll down the list to see if the profession is available. If it’s not, you’ll need to wait another year for the job to show up on the list. It’s all based on chance, so if you need money, take an alternative option from any of the ones listed, and you can use it to maintain some form of income.

When you do find the farmer’s job, accept it, and you can start tending your farm. You only need to attend the job like you would any other, and you can freely manage it as you see fit. It’s a stable job, with the only problem being you may not receive the first time you look for a job. There’s no method to increase your chances of having it pop up, too.

Once you have the job, it’s relatively easy to maintain. Some players have been turned down when applying for the profession. If you are, attempt to increase your body and health before trying again. Many times players choose to become a farmer to finish up any of the quests they’re trying to complete, such as the 420 Challenge.