How to become a psychiatrist in BitLife

Exploring a patient’s mind.

Image via Candywriter

There are several prestigious professions and jobs your character can choose to complete in their lifetime while you play BitLife. They can become a doctor, a school teacher, or you can work your way up the political tree and become a governor or president. If you’re more interested in the many medical aspects of BitLife, you might find your character trying to become a psychiatrist, where you can diagnose people’s problems and help them through the emotional and mental struggles they’re facing.

To become a psychiatrist, your character needs to work their way through high school and graduate to make it in college. Before making it to college, you want your character to spend as much time as they can visiting the library, reading books, and studying hard. All of these activities will increase your character’s smart stats, making it much easier to remain in school and receive higher education.

When you make it to college, you want your character to try to complete their psychology, chemistry, or biology degree. These majors take up to four years to complete, and all of them open up the avenue for your character to apply for medical school, which is the big hurdle. You want to remember that your character needs to continue studying hard, visiting the library, and reading to keep their smart stat up.

After graduating college, you want your character to apply for higher education and try medical school. Their application should be accepted with no issues if they kept their smart stats up throughout high school and college. It takes several years to complete medical school, so make sure to study hard, read books, and visit the library often.

Once all of that is complete, you can apply for a job, and the role of Jr. Psychiatrist will open up. This is the first step on the psychiatrist career path, and you’ll need to continue down it, working hard and waiting for that promotion to become a full psychiatrist.