How to become a solo artist in BitLife

Do you have what it takes?


Image via Candywriters

Sometimes you won’t get along with all the members of your band, and in BitLife, you have the option to take your talents where you can best use them. Rather than joining a band with your musical talents, you can take the lead and become a solo artist, rising the ranks as an incredible musician and taking your talents to a record label if they accept you. It can be tough to make it on your own, but if you have the correct tools and talents, you’ll be able to make it as one of the best musical artists out there.

These are the type of instruments and talents the solo artists are looking for you to apply for them.

  • Bass Guitar
  • Cello
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
  • Violin

Like joining a band, solo artist labels are also looking for singers, so you can have your character apply for this position if you don’t have any luck with the instruments.

To become good enough to apply as a solo artist, you need to start practicing any of the previously mentioned instruments. You can do this starting at six years old if your parents agree to give you lessons. You’ll want to practice every time you age up. Once you become 18, the lessons start to cost money, so you need to be careful about which ones you pick. If you are not in college, you can apply to become a solo artist for three different labels when you first start.

Much like joining a band, you’ll need to apply to them and pick which label. Most of the time, the label won’t call you back. To make sure they reach out to you, try raising your talent with a particular instrument above at least 50% and try to work on it every year. The more you practice with it, the increased chances you have of being accepted. We’ve found that the best results happen when you reach at least 90%.

When you are accepted by a label, you’ll have to treat it like a career as you would any other position. You’ll need to work hard every day, and you’ll need to keep improving your talents with your instrument to ensure you never become rusty.

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