How to brainwash in Evil Genius 2

Why kill your enemy when they could be free labor?


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Over the course of each campaign in Evil Genius 2, you’ll build a lair filled to the brim with minions. Eventually, it’ll look like a lively beehive, with every individual having an essential role in the entire evil domain’s overall integrity. However, minions cost money to hire. Money that could be put towards researching stairs or world domination. In this guide, we’ll show you how to brainwash your enemies and force them into working for you.

The Brainwasher 2000

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There are two items you’ll need before you can brainwash anybody. A holding cell, and a Brainwasher 2000. Both of these are objects you and purchase and place in your prison. If you don’t have room, try moving the items you have around to see if you can make some. If not, you’ll need to expand your prison on the upper or lower floors of your lair.

Lengthy recruitment process

Occasionally, your lair will be invaded by agents or soldiers from the regions you’re stealing from and working against around the world. While killing these enemies as you see them is the best way to get rid of them before they cause too much trouble, there’s a much better alternative that will help you fill any staff vacancies without spending a penny.

This is why you should capture as many agents and soldiers as possible. It provides you with a fresh source of minions, as long as you don’t need to interrogate them for Intel.

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To transform an agent or soldier into a minion, escort them from the holding cell to the Brainwasher 2000 instead of the interrogation chair. After a quick mind-bending experience and pretty light show, the enemy you strapped into that chair will turn into a Worker and go about completing any available jobs in your lair.

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These Workers can be trained to become any other type of minion if you need them to. The beauty of gaining minions through this route is that you don’t need to spend any money on hiring them. The more agents and soldiers that come through your doors, the more potential minions you have available to you. Make sure you’ve got the holding cells to store them in before you capture them all though.