How to breed Frogs and make Tadpoles in Minecraft

Get things hopping.

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As the animal kingdom in Minecraft continually gets bigger, you will likely wonder how to get more of the game’s newest mobs. With Frogs leaping into the game, you will need to find a couple of these amphibians and give them an item to get them to multiply. Here is how to breed Frogs and make Tadpoles in Minecraft.

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How to get Frogs to breed Tadpoles in Minecraft

To find Frogs in Minecraft, you will need to look in Swamp biomes (or spawn them in Creative Mode). When you find two, give them Slimeballs to have them go into love mode. Seagrass used to temporarily be the food for them until it was later changed.

When the Frogs have hearts coming from them, they will mate, and one will become pregnant and look for a water block that has nothing above it to lay eggs that hatch into Tadpoles. While they are still eggs, don’t touch them. It won’t take long for them to hatch, but you can’t do anything with them while they are eggs. While Tadpoles are swimming around in the water, use a bucket to pick them up and take them wherever you want them.

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Keep in mind that Tadpoles need to stay in the water to survive. If you place them on land, they will flop around like a Fish and eventually die. Make a little pond for them to stay in until they mature into Frogs so they can’t get away. When fully grown, they will then be able to go onto land and potentially eat small Slime if they get close enough to one. Tadpoles can change into one of three different Frogs depending on what biome they grew into an adult in.