How to breed Villagers in Minecraft

Create a big happy family.

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As you travel around your Minecraft world, you will undoubtedly run into a Village. These settlements house many Villagers, who at first sight may just seem like a way to try to fill out the game with human-like creatures, but they can be good to have around for setting up a trading market. If you want more Villagers to trade with, here is how to breed more.

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How to make more Villagers in Minecraft

Setting up Villagers with the conditions to breed is the hardest part of the process. First, find a Village and wall off at least two Villagers in a room so they cannot run off on their own. Next, you need to place at least a few Beds. Place as many Beds as Villagers that you want to have available. Only one Villager can claim a Bed at a time which is why you need multiple.

Now the two adult Villagers need at least 12 of any crop or three Bread in their inventory. You can’t feed them directly like any animal mobs you are trying to get to breed, so just throw some Potatoes, Carrots, or another crop onto the ground where they are standing, and they will eventually pick it up. Wait around a while, and if there is an unclaimed Bed, the Villagers will create a new baby Villager.

If you do not want to find crops to give to Villagers constantly, you can create a small farm plot in their room and plant something for the Villagers to harvest when it is fully grown. Be sure to include a block of water nearby so the crops can grow faster.

Now that you have a new Villager in your settlement, you can change their job to fit what you want to trade for. Keep adding Beds to the room if you want to add even more Villagers once the number of crops in their inventory is taken care of.