How to brew mead in Valheim

Proper mead for a proper mead hall.

It wouldn’t be a viking game without including mead in somehow, and in Valheim, you’ll have the chance to brew some mead for yourself and your friends. While these drinks are meant to be alcoholic, in Valheim, they provide buffs and helpful stat increases for you so you can endure some of the tougher challenges in the game.

How to harvest honey

A core ingredient in all of the mead recipes is honey. There are other resources for each recipe, but honey is in all of them. You can harvest honey from beehives in the world, although, a far more efficient way to gather honey is to create beehives for your homestead. You can do this by destroying a beehive and collecting a queen bee. After that, you’ll need some wood, but then you can make a beehive that will gain bees inside, so every now and again, you can visit it to collect honey from the inside, rather than venturing out and looking for it.

How to make a cauldron and a fermenter

Each of the mead recipes requires a mead base, which determines what kind of mead it will be. You can create a healing potion, a poison resistant one, and several others. You won’t be able to do it at a standard crafting station. Instead, you need to create a cauldron, and you can only do that after you’ve created a smelter to melt down some tin bars. You can set your cauldron above a fire, just like a cooking stand. Next, gather up some copper and tin, and then blended those together to create bronze. With enough bronze, you can create the fermenter, a cauldron upgrade that allows you to ferment and brew your mead.

How to brew mead

When you have your cauldron and fermenter crafted, approach the cauldron, and there’s a small list of mead recipes. Gather up any ingredients for it, and bring those back to create the base of your mead. When your base is ready, stick it in the fermenter, and all you have to do now is wait for it to finish brewing. This can take a while, so we recommend completing other activities you need to do at your campsite. When you’re ready to drink it, you’ll also want to use a tankard, and you can make that at a workbench station. When you’re ready to drink your mead, you can use your tankard to take a swig, and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits and buffs of the beverage, giving you another edge in Valheim.