How to build a bird house in Sons of the Forest

More feathers for your arrows.

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One of the first weapons most players acquire in Sons of the Forest is the Bow. This is because you don’t need to collect it from inside a cave or bunker. Instead, it can be crafted by using a few materials. But to use a Bow, you will need arrows. And to craft them, you need feathers. For this purpose, we suggest you build a bird house in Sons of the Forest, as it can help you acquire tons of feathers.

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How to create a bird house in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has a Crafting Book which lets you build different structures such as Fish Traps, treehouses, and much more. It also lets you build the bird house. For this, open the book by pressing the ‘B’ key and hold down the ‘X’ key to switch the mode. When the book is in your left hand, click on the green icon at the top to open the Shelter section. At the bottom, you’ll see an option for ‘Traps.’ Select it and then scroll through the options to find the bird house.

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To build a bird house, you will need 18 sticks. These can be picked up from the ground, or you can chop down small trees using your Axe to collect them quickly. Before building a bird house, you must first put a stick into the ground, as you can not place it on a tree. Then, select the bird house in the Crafting Book and place the white structure on the stick. If you have the sticks in your inventory, go near the structure and press the ‘E’ key repeatedly until all the sticks have been placed.

Once built, plenty of birds will start visiting the bird house, and you can kill them to grab the feathers. Once you have feathers, these can be used to create arrows for your bow. In order to maximize your gains, we recommend that you build at least five bird houses around your base.