How to build a house in Medieval Dynasty

No place like home.

Medieval Dynasty

The very first task you will need to do in Medieval Dynasty is to build a new house. This will give you some shelter from the elements and a place to cook and sleep. You will need a hammer, which is given you to by one of the villagers, and a stone ax that you can make using sticks and rocks

To make the house, you will also need plenty of sticks, logs, and straw. The first thing you will need to do is choose a location to build your house on. You cannot build close to a village, and logs are very heavy and slow your movement speed. We would advise you to pick a spot a good distance from the village and close to some large trees. Open the crafting wheel with Q, then pick the Build option, and then choose the basic house. This will give you an x-ray view of your house’s position in the world. If it is green, you can place it; if it is red, you are too close to a village or on uneven terrain. To move the house, just move your mouse, and you can rotate the building by using the Q and E buttons.

You will need six logs just to place the main structure of the house, then you will need lots more sticks, logs, and straw to build the individual wall and roof segments. To build these segments, you need to equip your hammer from your Inventory.

Building a house

You can add it to the Tools hotbar by highlighting it in the inventory, then hitting the hotbar key you wish to assign it to from 1-8. You will need to hit the segment you want to build with the hammer by clicking the left mouse button. Each strike will place one of the required resources, as long as you have it in your inventory.

When all the segments are complete, you will have a fully furnished house. You will not need to make a bed or a cauldron to cook with; they will automatically appear inside the house for you. If you run out of resources while building the house, it is a simple task to farm up some more, but if you cannot get the house finished before nightfall, you will need to build a campfire to have somewhere to sleep