How to build an End Portal in Minecraft

All good things must come to The End.

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The End is a dark realm that is the home of one of Minecraft’s most fearsome foes, the Ender Dragon. This shadowy area is how you will be able to reach areas like End Cities and get items exclusive to this area such as Shulker Boxes and Elytras. Here is how you can build an End Portal and reach The End in Minecraft.

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How to make an End Portal in Minecraft

To make an End Portal, you first need to find the End Portal Frames that generate in Strongholds. While you can place them anywhere in Creative Mode, Survival players must find the portal room before they can teleport to The End. Unfortunately, it is pretty random where the Stronghold will appear, but you can find them by either using the Locate command or crafting an Eye of Ender and then using it to show you the path to the beginning of the Stronghold. Be sure to pick it back up every time you use it.

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When you get to the Stronghold, look throughout its many darkened hallways and corridors to find a room with the Stronghold Frame floating above a lava pool. A Silverfish Spawner will be sitting on the staircase up to the portal.

Now that you know where the End Portal is, you need to accumulate 12 Eye of Enders. To make one, combine an Ender Pearl dropped by an Enderman and a Blaze Powder obtained from a Blaze Rod in the Nether. When you have all 12 Eye of Enders, return to the portal frames and insert them into the frames. The middle portion of the frames will turn black, and you can jump in to travel to The End.

If you are playing in Creative Mode, and place your own Portal Frames, be sure to place them all while facing inward. The portal will not work if they are turned any other way.