How to build and use a Teleporter in Terraria

The best way to travel instantly in Terraria.

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If you generate a large world in Terraria and spread your bases around it, you know how much of a pain it can be to traverse it every day, especially if you’ve spread out your NPC houses. While there are several automation options in the game, none of them are as good or convenient as setting up a Teleporter network. Teleporters are instantaneous and have zero costs associated with using them, making them the most economic solution in Terraria. Here’s how to acquire and use Teleporters in Terraria.

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How to get and use Teleporters in Terraria

How to get a Teleporter

Prior to the 1.4.4 Terraria Patch, you were able to buy the Teleporter from the Steampunker NPC. That has been changed with the update, and now the Teleporter is sold by the Mechanic NPC for 2 Gold and 50 Silver a piece. That makes setting up the teleportation network slightly more intuitive because the same NPC sells pressure plates and wires that you can use for the setup. However, she will sell you the Teleporter only after you transition into Hardmode.

How to use Teleporters

The Teleporter is a 3-block piece of furniture that you have to connect together with Wires to another teleporter to function, both of which require a trigger mechanism. You can use something like a Switch or Pressure Plates to trigger them. Conveniently, you can use the Teleporter not only to teleport yourself but can be used to also teleport NPCs and enemy mobs.

The most basic way of setting up a Teleporter is to build a Teleporter and put a Pressure Plate directly on top of it, then connect them with a short Wire. Then, do the same with another Teleporter at your desired location, connecting all the pieces as before, and finally connecting the two Teleporters with more Wire.