How to build Enchanter Challengers in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6

En Garde, squishies.

Image via Riot Games

With each new Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set comes out, players devour new builds and how to put together the best ones. One of the most exciting fresh builds heading into Set 6 is Enchanter Challenger, a squad of supportive mages holding up a powerful attack line of Challengers. So, let’s go over it, shall we?

The units

As far as the champions filling your roster, they are all classic LoL bruisers and support units. The Challengers include Camille, Fiora, Yone, and Kai’Sa. The Enchanters are Taric, Janna, and Orianna. And then, for good measure, also add a powerful support Yuumi to keep your carry units alive.

The buffs

This build has a lot of buffs, so getting them all straight can be a little daunting. Altogether, though, they make Enchanter Challengers as powerful as they are:

  • 4 Challenger: 50% attack speed; Upon getting a takedown, a Challenger unit dashes to their next target and doubles this buff for 2.5 seconds
  • 3 Enchanter: +35 magic resist for the whole team; 25% healing and shielding for Enchanters
  • 2 Clockwork: The whole team has 10% Attack Speed, +5% Augment
  • 2 Academy: Academics have 20 bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power; they also get 3 of each boosted for each ability their allies cast
  • 2 Scholar: Your team gains five extra mana every 2 seconds
  • Socialite: Taric shines a spotlight on a random ally unit and they gain 20% attack damage for the fight
  • Cuddly: Yuumi acts much like she does in League of Legends– when her mana is full, she dashes to the nearest ally and becomes incorporeal, floating around them and giving them shielding. When that shield ends, she jumps off.

The items

The two units that will do the most damage and carry your team to victory are Fiora and Yone, two powerful Challengers. For Fiora, items like Hand of Justice, Infinity Edge, and Jeweled Gauntlet will make her Blade Waltz even stronger. Yone has a similar function, also preferring the Infinity Edge, but he’s all about hitting as much as possible, so the anti-CC Quicksilver Sash and attack-speed friendly Runan’s Hurricane are his preferred items. So, make sure to get as many blades and gloves as possible for this build.

The positioning

This build is all about using “The Spread” positioning as efficiently as possible. In the front row, Camille and Taric should be on either side of the board. Behind Camille will be Yone, and behind Taric should be Fiora and Yuumi, ready to shield Fiora as much as possible. Janna and Kai’Sa should be protectively placed in the third row, and Orianna, with all her shielding and CC, should be tucked in the back right corner. 

The playstyle

This build is one of the most aggressive fast 8 set-ups in the game. After all, it requires four 4-costs and two 5-costs. Because of this, you 100% need a build to transition out of. Your best early options are leaning into low-level Challengers like Quinn and Warwick until you get the higher units you need.

Best augments

Other than generally good augments like Loaded Dice or extra space for units on your board, here are some Hextech Augments that you should look out for:

  • Challenger Heart
  • En Garde
  • A New Challenger
  • Channelger Soul
  • Enchanter Heart
  • Ardent Censer
  • Enchanter Soul