How to build Universities in Research and Destroy

Time to go to school.

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In Research and Destroy, you’ll spend most of your time fighting in turn-based battles — the “destroy” part of the game’s title. However, to really get ahead, you’ll have to devote a good amount of time to the “research” portion, which will require you to build universities. Before you can build a university, you’ll have to investigate an unexplored area, and then attack it to overtake it from the undead forces.

Once you’ve done that, simply interact with the area on the world map, and you’ll be given the option to build a university.

Research and destroy's map
Screenshot by DoubleXP

Building a university will cost you $500, and it will take 30 in-game days for it to be finished. In the meantime, you can perform other tasks, like investigating untouched areas, or working at any universities you’ve already built.

Once you’ve built a university, you can then use it for research. You can research enemy types to discover information about them, such as attack patterns or behaviors, that you can exploit in battle. Additionally, if you have the cash, you can develop new gadgets for your scientists to use against the game’s various undead enemies. You can also place different types of defenses around your university to protect it from enemy attacks; just interact with it, select “university defenses,” and you’ll be given a few different defensive measures to choose from.

Research and destroy's map
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Time is of the essence in Research and Destroy. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your scientists move faster during your turn, or how to effectively revive your fallen teammates, check out our coverage on Implausible Industries’ turn-based strategy game.