How to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV

Everything you need to know about player housing, including how to buy a personal house or a Free Company house.


Housing is the true endgame in Final Fantasy XIV. Between decorating, gardening, and having a cozy nook to AFK in, everybody wants a place to live.

Housing isn’t guaranteed, though, and there are quite a few criteria you’ll need to meet before you can snag a place to lay your head.

Buying a Personal house

To buy a personal house, you need to be at least level 50 and have reached the Second Lieutenant rank with your Grand Company. To buy a house in Shirogane, you must have met these requirements and also have completed the Stormblood quest “Not Without Incident.”

Alt-aholics beware: You can only own one personal house per service account on each server. For example, you can’t own two personal homes on Matteus, but you can have one on Mateus and one on Zalera.

Buying a Free Company house

Your FC must have 4 or more members and have reached Rank 6 in order to buy a house. The FC’s leader must also have set your rank with permission to purchase or relinquish land.

The player who is purchasing the plot can’t have another character on the same server who is the leader of a FC that owns a house. Most players don’t have multiple alts who lead Free Companies, so this isn’t a common issue.

Keeping your house

There are no additional gil costs once you purchase a home, but you must enter your house once every 45 days to keep your plot. If you don’t, the plot will be considered abandoned and will go back up for sale.

For Free Company houses, at least one member of the FC must enter the house at least once every 45 days.

Housing cost

Housing prices vary depending on the size of the house, the desirability of the plot, and how long the house has been on the market. Small houses cost 3 to 4 million gil; mediums cost 15 to 20 million gil; and large plots are between 40 and 50 million gil. The price of each house decreases every four hours, but unless you’re going for the most undesirable plot in the game on a low-population server, this is unlikely to make a great difference in your cost.

Housing availability

The biggest barrier to obtaining a house in FFXIV is availability. The same number of plots are available on each server, so it’s substantially easier to buy a house on Siren than it is on Balmung, for example.

On a low-pop server, you can walk up to an empty plot right now and buy a plot of land. On more crowded servers, you’ll find yourself embroiled in a 14-hour binge of clicking on a placard while you wait for the random plot availability timer to finish—and that’s if you don’t lose out to someone who clicked faster at the precise moment the house became available.

Housing relocation

Once you have a house, you’re able to relocate to a new plot without having to wait for the housing timer. Once a house is relinquished, it kicks off a random timer: The plot is only available to players who already own houses for 12 to 24 hours.

When relocating your home, you get a discount on the new plot based on the size of your old house. Relocation moves all of your housing items into storage so you can easily decorate your new digs. Your housing skin automatically scales to the size of your new house, so your small chocobo cottage turns into a large chocobo mansion.