How to buy the Season of the Lost season pass in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Season of the Lost is certainly a strange one for Destiny 2. While we normally know all manner of things about approaching seasons, we are almost completely in the dark this time. We have a name for the season, and we know that Mara Sov is returning, but that is it. We have no information about the roadmap, new content, Exotics, or anything else.

We are sure that the season pass will play out exactly the same way, however, as we imagine, a fundamental change in how that works would have been communicated by Bungie before now. As always, the season and the Season Pass will be split into two different tracks, Free and Premium. If you want to get access to everything the season has to offer, you will need to purchase the Premium tier.

To do this, head to the Eververse Store in the game. Once the Season of the Lost is active, after the weekly reset on August 24, you will be able to purchase the Season Pass for 1000 Silver. You will not be able to buy the Season Pass until after this weekly reset, so it won’t be there if you check the store now. You can purchase some Silver to save time on Tuesday, however.

If you run into issues with the servers or the Eververse Store, remember to exercise patience, as that is just part of the Destiny 2 experience at this point. New seasons are normally a shambles of server problems and connection issues, so be prepared.