How to buy your Best Friend Bitizenship in BitLife

And you get Bitizenship, and you get Bitizenship.

Image via Candywriter

Friendship is all about sharing things that matter to you with your friends. In BitLife, you have the chance to reward friends with a Bitizenship subscription. However, to do this, there’s a particular thing you need to do, and how you go about it can be a little confusing. This guide details how you can give a best friend of yours a Bitizenship gift in BitLife.

At some point, you need to make a friend in BitLife. Your character should probably do this with one of their classmates while in school or a co-worker. If the two hang out enough, they’ll become friends. From there, you need to increase your relationship with them until it reaches 90 to 100%. Around this time, age up, and that friend should ask you if you want to become best friends. In the relationships screen, they should now be labeled as a best friend.

That’s the first part of the task. Now, you have to give your best friend Bitizenship. To do this, your character needs to go to college for Computer Science. When they graduate and receive a degree, you need to move to Miami, Florida, and look for the Jr. App Developer job posted by BitLife. You should get the job with a computer science degree, but double-check that the job is being offered by BitLife.

Now that you have the BitLife job, all you have to do is go down to your relationships tab, click on your best friend, and gift them Bitizenship. Unfortunately, the only way to access Bitizenship is by working for BitLife, which can be a complex process if you don’t prepare for it.