How to capture the Isle of Spires Survey Drone in Horizon Forbidden West

Climb the tower and descend with your quarry.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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There are ten Survey Drones flying around the world of Horizon Forbidden West. You need to capture each one so that you can salvage the data they hold, but they’re not that simple to catch. This guide explains how to capture the Survey Drone in the Isle of Spires.

Climb the skyscraper and leap

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Survey Drone is located near Landfall, the home of the Quen tribe, and to get it, you need to climb the skyscraper nearby. First, however, you’ll have to get around the back of the building to climb it using your Pullcaster. This is the only way to start the climb. See below for a map reference for this location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Climb up the skyscraper until you reach the lower rooftop. From here, you need to use the Pullcaster to pull down a piece of metal support in the skyscraper itself to progress. You can then climb on the metal and access other climbing points along the side of the building.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you climb to the top of the skyscraper, you’ll need to find the piece of metal sticking out into the air. Walk along to the edge and wait for the Survey Drone to pause nearby.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can then leap onto the Survey Drone and drag it down to the ground, allowing you to search it for its data. Once you have this, head back to the base to store it with the rest of the Survey Drone data in GAIA’s room.