How to catch Bouffalant during Unova Week in Pokémon Go

The Bouffalant is making its debut.

Image via Niantic

Bouffalant has arrived to Pokémon Go, and you can catch it during Unova Week, the Ultra Unlock reward trainers earned during Pokémon Go Fest 2020. Bouffalant, alongside other Pokémon, is making their debut. You won’t be able to find Bouffalant galloping across the landscape or running up to you when you use a lure. Instead, you need to search for this Pokémon, and it’s an unlikely location.

For Unova Week, Bouffalant is only available in the New York City, USA region, inside of 5km eggs. You receive these eggs by spinning Poké Stop and Gym photo discs, and the egg only pops up if you have a free egg slot in your inventory. If you were to visit a Poké Stop in Portland, Oregon, and you received a 5km, it does not have the chance to have a Bouffalant inside of it. It’s a region-exclusive Pokémon.

Players have reported sighting it as far as Rhode Island. Some players in Boston are also reporting to have seen it. It’s likely, for the event, Bouffalant could be sighted beyond the New York City, USA region, allowing players in the northeast portion of the country to find it. Probably serving as an extended promotion, and then after the event week, it’ll only be available in New York City.

Bouffalant is a Normal-type with a maximum CP of 2,797, an attack of 195, a defense of 182, and a stamina of 216. It’s weak to Fighting-type attacks, but it is resistance to Ghost-type moves. If you capture one, its best moveset includes zen head butt and skull bash. These are decent moves to use on it, but it’s not the best thing to use in the Pokémon Go Ultra league because of its lower CP value. It might be able to do some damage in the Great league, but there are better choices.

It’s odd to make this Pokémon exclusive to a particular region in the USA. It might be Niantic’s attempt to make it difficult to capture more Pokémon as the roster explains. If you were hoping to find Bouffalant wandering around Unova Week, you’re a bit out of luck, unless you live close to the big apple.